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The Surface Treatment Chemicals are used to remove Oil, Grease, Rust, Heat Treatment Scale, and Welding Scale from the metal surface to improve the coating adhesion and corrosion protection. These chemicals are predominately used in Automobile, Electrical, Furniture, Home appliances, and Agriculture industries.

Akash Industries has a large portfolio of standard products helping customers to achieve the desired results.

The Surface Treatment Process involves De-greasing followed by De-rusting Activation, Phosphating, and Passivation. Every metal has its own unique characteristics hence requires unique chemicals and processes for the surface treatment to achieve the desired results.

Akash industries have a deep understanding of the Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering, and Industry-specific Quality norms of the diversified industries hence we offer end to end products for the entire Surface Treatment Process helping customers to quickly achieve

  • Better Time to Market by reducing the process steps and improving the operational efficiency
  • Better Return On Investment (ROI) by reducing the process cost
  • Eco-friendly green operation by reducing the electricity requirements and water usage, along with reduced chemical wastage

Key Features

  • Unique chemicals for unique metals and industry-specific processes
  • Consistent MNC quality meeting industry-specific standards/compliances
  • Timely delivery
  • Excellent technical support to achieve the desired results
  • Affordable prices
  • Creative custom chemicals/processes to resolve customer’s unique problems
  • Easy to integrate with the existing manufacturing processes
  • Non – hazardous and easy to handle hence requires no special training
  • The long shelf life of min.1-year w/t any specific storage requirements
  • Available in multiple packages to suit customer’s process requirements

In nutshell, using Akash industries’ product removes a lot of headache for the Plant Managers/Technicians/Staff members/Labours.

Overview of Surface Treatment Chemicals

Surface Treatment Process means removal of oil, grease, rust, heat treatment scale, and welding scale from metal surface using chemicals. Then application of conversion coating, before painting, powder coating, Rubber to metal bonding and rust preventive application.

Our surface treatment chemical process is easy to operate, operator friendly, consistency in quality environment friendly operate at lower temperature, hence cost and energy saving. All Phosphating chemical passing IS-3618 standards.

Degreasing Chemicals

The First step is De-greasing i.e. removal of dirt, oil, and grease from metal surface by wiping, spraying and dipping. The nature of chemicals to be used depends upon the base metal and oil grease present on surface.

  • Lower alkaline degreasing chemical AK-15/ AK-14
    • Caustic free, lower alkaline powder excellent combination of alkaline builders, water softners solvent and surfactant.
    • Remove soil, grease, from metal surface effectively at 50-60 0C
    • Mainly used in powder coating pre-treatment process because of lower alkalinity carrier over to next bath is low (life of water rise bath increased.)
    • Environment friendly, easy to dispose in effluent treatment plant.
Available in 25 Kg packing HDPF bags.
  • Higher Alkaline Caustic Base Degreasing Chemical:- [ Degreasol-S, Cleanol-S]
    • Heavy duty higher alkaline caustic base cleaner remove oil very effectively form metal surface at 70-80 0C.
    • It contains solvent, good builder, and surfactant which help in effective removal of oil in short time. Almost all types of oil, soil, and smut can be removed when used in combination with emulsion.
    • It eliminates use of kerosene for, removal oil, easy to dispose in effluent treatment tank. This chemical used in electroplating, rubber to metal bounding, powder coating for removal of heavy oil.
Available in 25 Kg packing HDPF bags.
  • Acidic Degreasing Chemical:- [ AK-DR-33/Superkleen]
    • Phosphoric, sulphuric acid, surfactant and solvent unique combination for removal oil, rust, scale, smut from metal surface at room temperature.
    • This cleaner used in powder coating and electroplating. Sometimes, use of only acidic cleaner is sufficient for removal oil and rust for heavy oil and rust must alkaline degreasing chemical and derusting chemicals.
Available in 30 KgHDPF drums.
  • Emulsion cleaner
    • Emulsion cleaner are generally based on either kerosene- emulsifier??
    • Emulsion cleaner is always followed by alkaline cleaner.
    • Almost oil type of oils can be removed by combination of emulsion and alkaline cleaner.
Available in 20 Kg HDPE drums.

Derusting Chemicals

The second step is De-rusting i.e. removal of rust, heat treatment scale, welding scale from the surface. The nature of chemicals to be used depends upon the base metal and oil grease present on surface.

  • AK-DR-31M
    • Mixture of Acid’s Acid Inhibitor Effectively remove rust heat treatment and welding scale from metal surface.
    • Add 10-30% chemical in water at ambient temperature to 60 0C for effective removal of heavy rust and scale.
    • It is used in powder coating for steel component.
Available in 30 Kg HDPE drums.
  • 3IN 1 chemical
    • Several types of 3 in 1 chemical
    • Used in powder coating for removal of oil, rust, scale from steel and iron Phosphating layer form on surface which provide good surface for painting and powder coating
Available in 25kg HDPF drums.
  • Aletch:- [ AK-ALCH-155 / AK-ALCH-154, AK-ALCH-153]
    • Excellent combination of acid, surfactant, and inhibitor solvent
    • Effectively remover smut and oil from Aluminium surface provide very good surface for chromating and anodizing which help painting, powder coating and rubber to metal bounding.
Available in 25kg HDPF drums.


The third step Activation i.e. activation of metal surface which will help application of conversion coating in short time.

  • Acidic activation :-[AK-34]
    • AK-34 is acidic activation one minutes processing in AK-34 bath prior to Phosphating help in producing smooth & fine crystalline zinc phosphate coating this also reduces processing time.
Available in 5 kg HDPE bags.
  • Alkaline titanic activation :- [AK-35]
    • AK-35 is titanium modified activation salt used prior to Phosphating. It help in producing smooth, dense & fine crystalline zinc phosphate coating on iron, steel and galvanize steel, this also reduces processing time and improve corrosion resistance. It can be applied by dipping and spray.
Available in 5 kg HDPE bags

Phosphating Chemicals

The next step is Phosphating i.e. Conversion coating chemicals are applied on metal surface to provide corrosion protection, promote good adhesion, gives under paint corrosion protection, adhesion for rubber to metal bonding.

  • Light weight Phosphating chemical painting powder coating. AK-ZC-27 CHEMAK-228, CHEMAK-230, CHEMAK-231.
    • Mono di , tri cationic Phosphating chemical gives good Phosphating layer of coating weight 1 to 3.5gm/ sq. foot on metal surface, which provide good corrosion protection, adhesion , to paint and powder coating avoid under film corrosion phosphate coating provided confirm IS-3618-Class-C standard. Create less sludge, can be operate at lower temperature, good coverage.
Available 30kg HDPF drum
  • Calcium modified Zinc Phosphating chemical:-[AK-CZ-121]
    • It provides excellent microcrystalline phosphate coating on metal surface without the need of activation before Phosphating. This process operate at higher temperature. it gives excellent surface for rubber to metal bonding and powder coating.It confirm IS-3618-CLASS-C.
Available 30kg HDPF drum
  • Medium weight zinc Phosphating chemical for wire drawing , tube drawing , [AK-WD-221]
    • Phosphate surface provide survival of coating even after several passes through die it increase rate of drawing and life of die its diameter can be reduced to much higher extent also it gives corrosion resistance during transportation. Phosphate layer of coating weight 4 to 10 gm/sq.ft forms on metal surface, it confirm IS-3618-CLASS-B
  • Heavy weight Phosphating chemical Manganese Phosphating chemicals:-[AK-MN-130]
    • AK-MN-130 produces a non –metallic, oil absorptive, crystallite, black/ dark-grey Manganese-iron phosphate coating on steel and iron surfaces to reduce wear and prevent galling of moving parts, such as bearing surfaces. This includes pistons, piston rings, shafts, gears, cylinders and all types of machine parts wherever wear is a constant factor to be considered. Coating weight obtained is 750-3000 mg/ confirm IS-3618-CLASS-A
  • Zinc Phosphating chemicals: - [AK-ZC-24]
    • it gives phosphate coating from 7 to 30 gm per Sq. meter coating weight along with rust preventive oil it gives excellent corrosion resistance to metal surface it is used for sprocket, tools, clutch plate, screw, nut, bolts in brakes it confirm IS-3618-CLASS-A


Chrome free Passivation use for final rinse for phosphate material. Passivationimproves corrosion resistance of phosphate surface, also provide good surface for painting, powder coating & bonding.

Aluminium chromating chemical:-[AK-ALCH-150, AK-ALCH-151]

AK-ALCH-150 produces iridescent light to yellow chromate coating on aluminium and aluminium alloys. Coating produced provide good base for painting and powder coating afford high corrosion resistance. Ideal for Fan blades, Water filters, Fluorescent Fixtures of aluminium, Aluminium section and other aluminium components before painting and powder coating. Coating confirms IS: 11579-1986 Standard.

Blackodising chemicals:-[AK-58]

AK-58 will produce a black oxide coating on iron and steel. The black coating produced is a part of material the part can undergoes severe deformation without flaking of coating. The coating produced has a moderate corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance can be increased by using rust preventive oils; the thickness of coating is less than 3 microns. Coating confirms IS 13212:1991 standard.

Rust preventive oil :-[AK-RO-400, AK-RO-401,AK-RO-404]

These oils protect metals from corrosion the solutions include water based, solvent based and oil based formulas for short term and long term protection against rust.